04 April 2011

Gym 1 April

Hello every one

At gym 1st to April

Yesterday I went to gym

Every time I found new incident at gym.

I met people after a long time: for a failure diet Tom Jones, too much eating again humberger Clinton, looks so weak Beckham, Meg Ryan without domestic violence, moustache has tarzan, etc.

And so beautiful body picture, it's Tattoo.

One guy has unicorn ,lion, turtle, dragon, bears, giraffe, sneak, etc.

Next guy Japanese character (wisdom, great physical strength, courage) ,

3rd man looks wall painting Incan Empire , it’s mean no color and line only.

4th guy is Japanese character writing his last name.

I think he want to remember in case alzheimer’s disease .

Many many more in the gym.

Anyway this time in Japan Earthquake and Tsunami is so sad.

And they need help Dear nice people live in America.

Please donation any amount to them. Any amount OK with credit card!

Thank you very much !


1 comment:

kumi said...

Hi! KUmiko desu.

Long time no see!
How are you doing?
I'm always busy day.
Two days ago I went to Azumino,
I enjoyed there.
See you !