19 March 2009

step brothers

I saw the movie "STEP BROTHERS" yesterday. This movie very funny. I like very much. I think this kind trouble any country right now. It's mean house price very high and many unemployment . I know more worst looks same family my neighborhood. But they are so bright i don't understand. Then most terrible problem now payment bonus AIG's executive officer. Can you believe ? or not. If this kind trouble in N. Korea or China it's big riot or death penalty. Cheer up U.S.A.(Like a Olympic) So many don't understand thing for the world now.

12 March 2009

Today i went to nice strange gym.
I take shower after exercise and one guy coming next my space.
He is lot of animals tattoo back side. Dragon, Lion, Unicorn, mermaid, and etc. then after coming next hairy , hirsute, shaggy guy.
Looks like fire evacuation from zoo.

11 March 2009

social security

Today I went social security office for the benefit my wife.
I like this office because worker is very friendly and kindness .
Do you know why? It's mostly immigrant. I think looks like DMV but so much different.
They have six windows and lunch time, only one or two windows closed. Incredible! !
It's impossible consular office , or ambassador embassy right?
And I remember movie "Terminal" my friend said so funny , this movie understood , can't speak english , don't understand different country culture, and he living in the terminal. This social security office looks same.
Not so good english, different custom but they try best way.
One woman writing letter, one guy play computer game, everybody lot of time no need rush.
And so many old people coming and need toilet but bathroom is only one of each man and woman.
And too small parking area in U.S.A..

many kinds people everywhere:

People come and come every couple minute , we stay about one hour .
Each window booth size six foot, and one group, one old lady using wheel chair, one big lady pushing wheel chair and another lady using push wheel instrument (walker) in the six foot window booth. they are stuck.
It's so sad . Looks like a movie?

07 March 2009

dvd movie / nice hair

I got lot of dvd from my nice friend. Thank you very much.
Yesterday i watch movie title is Gridiron Gang. It's nice story for me.
The first half lose and second half reversal football game.
It's nice hair style two african american guy. One coach and one player. It's roll and curl hair style, call corn rows. Looks like winary. I'm so enviable.

And #36 big guy is good character, he was two guy blew off.
I think team name is American bison is better than Mustangs.