30 July 2008

Trip to Magic Castle

I went couple days ago magic castle .
It's a exactly magic community .
If you want watch front seat for the magic show.
You have to eat own restaurant spend money.
You can get nice seat at show. (Taste it's O.K.)
It's a magic.
And walking a round in the castle also magic.
Inside house it's labyrinth of corridors.
It's a MAGIC.

18 July 2008

Review of Rambo

Hello Friend again Yesterday night i watched movie RAMBO new one.
This movie is very good. But First scene shooting farmer it's a too
much cruel scene.
Now ameican movie too many barbarity scene. Every year more than
ever before. Maybe paralyzed in the human brain.
But i thank first one is actorso sad job's. It's mean RAMBO too old
this picture .
He need more shape up but he is good job. (like ROCKY)

16 July 2008

my birthday

Hello Friend
This is my birthday at 61 years old.
I got enjoy time my daugther and son inlo and friend drinking
eating together .
Everybody love somebody sometime .
Everybody any age like birthday party with good friend. Right?
Let's go for the next year.