19 August 2012

Hi, How are you everybody again!

Hi, How are you everybody!
I didn't see long time.
Because we got Medicare program start at end of June.
Then we are going check up in the huge hospital.
And I got new small new toy, July 12, 2:30 a.m. at very fancy different hospital.

It looks nice bar??

He is so tiny but very activity and crying loud voice.
His name Bo Tanaka Myler!

It's easy easy name Bo?
If you see sometime please take care!
I can't believe growing American size and drinking whisky twenty one years after.

Anyway he is look like movie star because acquaintance and close friends
want take picture with him.

I think good thing take picture that's a youngest time yourself!
Beautiful woman, Good looking guy also take picture time is youngest one.
Don't say lie digital camera.
Age is age, small is small, long is long, etc.?

Anyway start again my blog please watch it.
Thank you very much ! ! !