26 March 2012

Hi everyone
I was visit to Japan last November 18th to January 15th.
It's so nice trip Japan but too cold temperature for my California body.
I found good picture this time in Japan.
He is so tired ,I think too much study everyday or too much played.
It's O.K. I don't care, not my business.

11 March 2012

Academy Show Time!

Hi Everyone

It's finished academy award last month.

I don't know detail about academy show time! (This is X-ray picture for the Marilyn Monroe?)

But this year best actor and actress is commercial “Quite smoking today” I think.

I'm impression, they are so nice performance.

You can check it on youtube!

And best TV show is “World Dumbest” True TV, and “Jerry Springer” Show I think too.

I’m strangely every year used red carpet for the academy award.

Somebody buying or renting or give away?

What used after award? 30-40 years go used car sales exploitation award?

Looks new, almost new, it’s O.K. etc.