24 December 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy new year everyone !

I’m stay right now in Japan from the Dec. 6th 2009.

And trip to Okinawa, Kyoto and Tokyo right now.

Japan is big (?) country , because so much different custom , food, language, temper, consumer price.

I ate strange SASHIMI in Okinawa, looks tropical fish.

I’m shock the first time independent color but taste so good, like people.

Same thing take in the bath tub, right?

In Tokyo we went wine bar, they charge by finger size.(one, two, three)

In Kyoto very gentle for customer, warm heater by charcoal in the bathroom.

It’s good for high blood pressure old people at cold place.

19 December 2009

Sushi or meat?

Hello friend again

Most important event Christmas coming soon.
What kind present do you want?
I'm better than famous brand bag color.

Let's see.

Let's party ,Do you want Sushi,or meat?

Thank you very much.
It's O.K. we take anything.

I'm participation too.

Too much eating ,before,after.

02 December 2009

Tiger, Obama Nobel, Star

Today strange news is Tiger Woods story.

He does not excuse about car accident break down hydrant.

I think he was drunk driving car.

I think he got lot of money that’s why he have to pay the fine.

I think reasonable fine is ten times to normal citizen.

Everybody waiting lot of fine for the bad economy U.S.A..

Or maybe just myself ? No, No, Not only me, I think.

Next strange news is Mr. President OBAMA.

He will get Nobel prize next time, but he send coming another many soldiers.

It’s ridiculous Nobel prize, I think best choice is walmart gift card .

Next one, yesterday shoot in seattle, 4 policeman died it’s a looks like movie.

I don’t understand now real or movie terrible affair.

This criminal guy looks movie star for the exactly bad guy.