02 December 2009

Tiger, Obama Nobel, Star

Today strange news is Tiger Woods story.

He does not excuse about car accident break down hydrant.

I think he was drunk driving car.

I think he got lot of money that’s why he have to pay the fine.

I think reasonable fine is ten times to normal citizen.

Everybody waiting lot of fine for the bad economy U.S.A..

Or maybe just myself ? No, No, Not only me, I think.

Next strange news is Mr. President OBAMA.

He will get Nobel prize next time, but he send coming another many soldiers.

It’s ridiculous Nobel prize, I think best choice is walmart gift card .

Next one, yesterday shoot in seattle, 4 policeman died it’s a looks like movie.

I don’t understand now real or movie terrible affair.

This criminal guy looks movie star for the exactly bad guy.

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