29 January 2009

Movie Time

Yesterday(1/28/09) I went to the Paramount Picture Studio for the preview movie "uninvited".

Before get in take time exactly uninvited guest.
Who are you? I'm Hiroshi.

But get in after this nice and very kind guy guidance in the studio.

I found looks Kenny Rogers in the reception bartender.

And I found exactly American tall guy.

Anyway I'm enjoy very much tonight too.
Thank you Oh-my Good.

I'm very tired.

21 January 2009

VIVA New President

Yesterday big big news. VIva Obama new president in U.S.A.

This picture from man-made satellite flew over 423mils earth. it's 1.8 million people stay around there. it's not north korea or china. it's DC.

Everybody watch long day i think like this next day.

Thank you very much .

I'm walking today around my house I found new interesting thing.
This house everyday decorate this pretty doll at front house.
It's so nice taste.

15 January 2009

good teeth

Yesterday I went check up to Dentist. Take a time about one hour and Dentist said your tooth not so clean.
Clean up after I'm asking to Dentist, Who is take care your tooth? Your wife? He said my Dentist friend. O.K. It's free? friend discount?
He said paid full amount.
O.K. I said one more question, Yes. Can you show me your tooth? He said my tooth not so good, I can't show to you. O.K. I said see you next 6 month.
I said my wife this story. She is convulsed with laughter.

10 January 2009

Viva Christmas Tree

Yesterday we went pic up free used Christmas tree for fire wood.
It's not crime it's charity dirty job.
It's good for family's bond job.

08 January 2009

Michael Jackson's house

Yesterday bigest news is Michael Jackson's house renting price is 100 thousand doller per month.
They need many toilet big his house.

And if somebody renting house you can do it like this.

Someday broadcasting channel 8.

05 January 2009

I read yesterday about GM company Korea news. If you want next job GM is best. GM give away free VIAGRA. Also retire men too.
And they spend money 1.5 Billion doller per year for VIAGRA. Can you believe it? I can't believe it.
That's way car is expencive . CEO and UAW also It's a stupid. Ridiculous! Nothing doing.
YOU CAN CHANGE. You can do it ! I can't help you.

Go slowly.

02 January 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year every one.
Yesterday i saw the news Rose Parade at Pasadena .
Some people waiting 14 hours before the Parade on the sidewalk at street. Bring to own sleeping bag.
I can't believe waiting a outside 40 degree 14 hours .
Watch TV and drinking hot sake is NUMERO UNO.

But if like this parade i waver in my judgment.