27 September 2010

congratulations today's 100 degrees

Now is 4:30 P.M.
L.A. downtown is 112 , it's so nice.

08 September 2010

It's September!

Hello , It’s September

Little bit cool down September I like good season coming now.

Two hot dog coming to my house almost 2 month right now.

Looks like Iraq they handling take over my house.

Eating food looks same, I ask to my wife who’s this food?

She said it’s for VIP, I say O.K. where is mine? She said coming soon.

Fine,! fine!

And walking around twice a day is good health for the myself .

Also good taste food and drink , good sleeping every day.

Thank you nice hot dogs

07 August 2010

Hot dog?

How are you?

We are two Hot dog sitter right now.

They are bilingual right now, I said caution loud voice stop immediately.

I think much better than human.

And walking twice a day about 40 minute .

I can’t read and understand English now.

Last month big anniversary our family is 30 years live in U.S.A..

And I’m almost forgot it it’s mean time flies.

Well , we are looks so young 30 years ago.I can’t believe it too many hair is obstacle long time ago.

Still not good English but still alive now, because I can buy big mac.

07 July 2010


Today interesting news is Tiger woods story.

Wife is very good business lady in U.S.A. I think.

She don’t too much speak everybody and she make $750 Million.

But beautiful woman is more more profit, it's unfair right?

Now I got mail often from mortuary or cemetery and funeral Co..

It’s so much different that’s why drink and drink .

I understand like this face now. Next young super woman is Russian spy.
Looks 007, usually though in the movie is scary old woman spy .

Hidden is the best this time.

04 July 2010

screen door

Hi Yoko
Stupid dog broken my screen door yesterday.
I have to spend $70.00.
So sad story .

16 June 2010

nice couple

Hello Friends again

I’m coming back from Japan.

Today best interesting news is in China.

Last year birth 1980 generation got marriage 300 thousand couple some city in China. Looks like this scramble.

In the course of time divorce couple 80 thousand .

And winner is marriage proceed after 25 minute .

If they got this kind big diamond or this kind gorgeous wedding gown (200m, 100kg ) second time is not spend money like this time.

VIVA ! VIVA ! Wedding !

21 May 2010

Gyoza Review

Hiroshi reviews the bar gyoza at Sui Roh in Yokohama.

11 April 2010

Sad Toyota, Woods, Michael

Hi everyone

Recently topic number one is so many nice actor & actress in U.S.A. concerning Toyota Prius. I think too much watch movie.

And government penalize to Toyota $16.4M,I think coming back everybody tax payer, I hope ??? Govermment beat to Toyota. Toyota was a gave up.

Next is after the died still making money Michael jackson .

I worry about spend money. He don’t need change color anymore.

Third one is Tiger wood, he want making money for the wife???

Welcome back Tiger, It’s a his business, not your and my business.

Oh,my god,not your god ! ! !

I don’t care ,he don’t care, but so sad he lose weight.

25 March 2010

party party party

Hello Friend

February was so busy month then too much take time but it’s O.K. my Blog.

21st was drank party at Cory & Ryoko house.

Party is best for the my life you like also right?

February 26th to March,1st we were going business trip to Phoenix, AZ .

So interesting people coming Matsuri festival this year too.