25 February 2009

Today i went to gym. Today funny people: one guy allover 100% hairy body. He is good for the winter time but coming soon summer is it's a big problem.
Another guy is washing hair wear the T-shirt and training sweat pants. And after he was got in the pool for water athletics.
I found another interesting guy. Every time bring to the cold water to steam bath sensor. I saw the couple time in steam bath but gave up. maybe he is coming tomorrow also.

I think lot of big people live in LA. Big is good anything. But i'm change mind, it's mean U.S.A. is big. Last week i went Japanese festival Phoenix, AZ.
I found bigger people in AZ. so California is still O.K.
But i'm so tired.

07 February 2009

I went gym yesterday. Gym is very funny and interesting every time.
Some guy in the shower room washing back with own trunks, and one guy washing t-shirt and trunks also.
He is so smart save water.

And i watch movie today title is "Texas Chainsaw" it's good and very scary one.
Don't roast country police. If you don't want this kind story you have to exercise every day.
Like this actress run! run!run!.

You can do it. I can't help you.