26 December 2008

similar three

I hard before everybody looks same three people alive for the world.
Last monday I went to gym. It's storm day but very crowded. Today's same many people exercise. Everybody ate too much i think.
I know guy little bit get fat Clinton,and not friendly Obama , and slow moving actor 24 guy.
But I can't take picture. I want show sometime.

Looks same all over you can founded.

This picture 2000 people making KIMCHEE same time. Looks delicious.

19 December 2008

white day?

Can you believe Santa Claus is swimming? He said "Why they like white day?"

I don't understand too.

May be everybody athlete's foot.

Don't approach to me.

I want run away.

Me too.

16 December 2008

NIce Shoes!

Yesterday big news the world i thihk Mr.President Bush in Iraq. One guy throw shoe both side.
But he was dodge and don't hit him. I think next his job referee for the UFC or Jerry Springer Show.
One more nice story this shoe somebody want buy set price $10 million dollar. Can you believe?

And Cristmas season now but not so good economy.Anyway it's O.K. Christmas is Christmas.

I found Santa Claus at intersection. But she don't carry sack.

This Santa is very tired because too much looking lost stuff.

Your liar.

14 December 2008

Believe or not

It's strange world nowadays. In the gym also long hair man and short hair woman.
If get in restroom but sometime confuse.
Like this one.

We are so confuse.

Finally like this.

This is a man's bra, can you believe?

06 December 2008

In the gym 1

Yesterday I'm going to gym . Not so crowded I think befor the most important Cristmas . May be nice shopping time. In the Gym lot of very intersted people coming. One lady too much make up. One old guy clean up every part on the bike and evry time talk to oneself, never laughing guy like no tooth,and very sensitive guy it's mean exactry holding towel,keeping shoe and sandal ,water battle. In the jacuzzi time man watch only young woman, woman watch only young good looking guy. Everybody want see good looking it's normal way right?
Anyway today is nice picture this.

I want see the good looking face.

I am not. You are liar.

It this O.K.?

I don't care.