06 December 2008

In the gym 1

Yesterday I'm going to gym . Not so crowded I think befor the most important Cristmas . May be nice shopping time. In the Gym lot of very intersted people coming. One lady too much make up. One old guy clean up every part on the bike and evry time talk to oneself, never laughing guy like no tooth,and very sensitive guy it's mean exactry holding towel,keeping shoe and sandal ,water battle. In the jacuzzi time man watch only young woman, woman watch only young good looking guy. Everybody want see good looking it's normal way right?
Anyway today is nice picture this.

I want see the good looking face.

I am not. You are liar.

It this O.K.?

I don't care.

1 comment:

Riyoko said...

i like that dog.
he is very cute.
maybe i will get crash some sunglasses!