24 December 2013

Hello ! !

Happy holiday everyone              
Christmas song coming everywhere now.
I’m so happy everyday listen X’mas music.
I want listening MARIACH some time.

Anyway finally I found illegal parking, nice car bought in Bevery Hills car dealer.
Fine have to collect from rich family.

And this car coming out of state, it’s nice big present.
Don’t collect money poor guy !
So sad,It’s a no window back seat.

This is last one 6 car got a ticket one time special X'mas time bonus.

01 September 2013

Bad is Bad

What a sight you are?
San Diego Mayor is so nice looking guy.
Face most important for picture and TV show.
I recommend next job actor for the good, BAD, UGLY.
And news picture is so nice cast,  suspect and criminal people.
Why so agreeable face, criminal act.
George Zimmerman, some football player, Atlanta school shooting guy,
Ariel Castro in Ohio
Michael Jackson is great singer, I understand now.
Because dead after still coming TV news.
We like TV news show Ch.7 Alisha

But real estate agent is so happy face in picture.
Please come over good nice customer.
I waiting anytime !!!

23 July 2013

Hello Friend !  It’s been a long time.

My grandson BO already one years this month.
It’s so fast one year for the old person.
I’m stay weekday Ryoko & Cory’s house.
In the LA is lot of unusual thing , not like Orange county countryside.
First is free parking more few.

I got ticket 3 time for like a nice dinner one time.
That’s why I watch house front street get parking ticket.
It’s a I’m happy but I’m sad too.
But LA lot of sidewalk irregularity , too tired walking (SANPO).

And can’t check oil quantity.
Therefore go on parking enforcer.

Cheer up LA ! !

03 February 2013

19 January 2013

Hello Friend again !!
And Happy New Year

I can’t  update my blog longtime , because  I got first time grand child last July.
My wife baby sitting and I’m dog sitter !
We are little bit tired but baby is cute, everybody has experience long long time ago.

However  Woman and Mother is very strong , become stronger.
Everybody has Mother President Obama also, Most wanted people escape from the jail .
I don’t know where is change difference each position.
Don’t care looks funny face, bad brain, short, big nose, lose hair, etc..
Not so important lifetime.
You have to inclination appreciative for own Mother.
Because your coming from Mother !
Thank you very much, I said every night but I’m not priest, also not monk.
Anyway my grand son is name “BO”.
He is so happy many people say “ I want hold him”.
I like very much, because he don’t speak English, and not tap (me for) money.

19 August 2012

Hi, How are you everybody again!

Hi, How are you everybody!
I didn't see long time.
Because we got Medicare program start at end of June.
Then we are going check up in the huge hospital.
And I got new small new toy, July 12, 2:30 a.m. at very fancy different hospital.

It looks nice bar??

He is so tiny but very activity and crying loud voice.
His name Bo Tanaka Myler!

It's easy easy name Bo?
If you see sometime please take care!
I can't believe growing American size and drinking whisky twenty one years after.

Anyway he is look like movie star because acquaintance and close friends
want take picture with him.

I think good thing take picture that's a youngest time yourself!
Beautiful woman, Good looking guy also take picture time is youngest one.
Don't say lie digital camera.
Age is age, small is small, long is long, etc.?

Anyway start again my blog please watch it.
Thank you very much ! ! !