19 January 2013

Hello Friend again !!
And Happy New Year

I can’t  update my blog longtime , because  I got first time grand child last July.
My wife baby sitting and I’m dog sitter !
We are little bit tired but baby is cute, everybody has experience long long time ago.

However  Woman and Mother is very strong , become stronger.
Everybody has Mother President Obama also, Most wanted people escape from the jail .
I don’t know where is change difference each position.
Don’t care looks funny face, bad brain, short, big nose, lose hair, etc..
Not so important lifetime.
You have to inclination appreciative for own Mother.
Because your coming from Mother !
Thank you very much, I said every night but I’m not priest, also not monk.
Anyway my grand son is name “BO”.
He is so happy many people say “ I want hold him”.
I like very much, because he don’t speak English, and not tap (me for) money.

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