01 June 2009


I went field trip to beach by walking about 6 mile from my house. Take to 1.5 hour .
If N. K. army advance on the town we have to refuge beach then i practice to the beach field trip. It's actually joke.
Anyway that's day is very good condition not strong sunshine not windy and not crowded path road to the beach.

There are path road along the river. The River is terrible water condition, so bad smell and color.

I saw one guy looking for something in the river, maybe pure gold.???

And i saw new discovery inside oil tank. What's happen i don't know.

Anyway we ate brunch near the beach after used by bus one way trip.(@$1.50)

SAVE MONEY I think every time not so important walking in U.S.A. but so many people spend money going to gym. But I think walking outside is best for the keeping health.

but i think big problem not many bathroom all over the walking erea.
First food restaurant, Market, but not public space.

O.K. Anyway health is best no need doctor is best your (my) life.
Have a nice day. !!