27 April 2009

Korea Trip 1

I went early this month Pusan City, South Korea with my friend.(Not North) I'm surprise first one is in the Korean Air Line served BORRITOS.

Tour assembly is mostly powerful middle age woman,but we are try my from the high school bad friend. Cheer up! ! Senior Citizen Man!

Please take a picture.

This city is fishing port and very sparkle. I saw the first time this fish.

It’s a ray. I don’t know taste. Looks O.K. I’m not sure.

I found interesting sculpture near the famous Department store.

What do you think? Think about yourself.

17 April 2009

Movie is

" White Chicks " This movie is very funny and very interesting.
Two black FBI guy masquerade to white woman is very good idea.
Hollywood make up technician is so wonderful looks cheap plastic surgery doctor .
Nobody lawsuit cheap doctor.
Not too much action movie but I think this movie two cop's story is better than "Rush hour "
But white woman is only "White Russian" because Russia is not too much like California sunshine .
Movie is a give to dream.

13 April 2009

fashion or abuse

Yesterday's very interesting story in China.
One people dye hair color the dog.
They tried strange color to the dog, can you believe this affair?
In China it's O.K. if in the U.S.A. too much complaint from GREENPEACE like whale.

Next week coming very interesting story from Korea!
Part 2 is from Korea.

03 April 2009

From Japan

Hello friend
I’m coming Japan right now.
Japan just started cherry blossom season.
I’m report funny thing from Japan by hiroshi.
In Ikebukuro Tokyo Japan lot’s of people walking in the city
and economy is so bad. But not so gentle for the some people.
Do you understand this pole? very interesting but so sad for the homeless.

It’s long time ago flat bench this space. They can’t sleep on the bench right now.

This place also same for the people not comfortable space.
They can’t sleep and relax.

This space is love hotels area but next building general hospital.
Night time and next early morning one side buildings so busy and around 10:00 o’clock opening time busy emergency hospital.
I don’t know what kind patient coming to.

Imagination is do it yourself I can’t help you.

Next! This sign
This sign is funny “Don’t break this branches from this tree.”
Are you suspect?

“Do not throw away. It’s a illegality.”
Don’t care ! Already finish.

I forget march 29th Tokyo Marathon open.
My friend coming from Washington D.C.
She is good job from U.S.A.! usa! usa! usa! USA! USA!