23 February 2010

Japan Trip 2nd

Hello Friends

Today Japan trip story part 2 (January 2010)

I went to Japan trip , want see Mt. Fuji.

I choose Kawaguchi lake hot spring (Onsen) and one special hotel .

Reason is 2008 in this hotel restaurant food poisoning.

That’s why may be good service or one more time come down with food poisoning, it’s dangerous gambling.

But our gambling success , service is good and special discount .

We are so happy and weather good also and I found nice souvenir shop 60 years ago young woman.

She is 84 years old , so good business lady.

This time special picture for everybody , it’s my nude and Mt. Fuji.

Nobody doesn’t want see my body? It’s O.K. don’t care myself.

If you feeling bad or good doesn’t matter .

04 February 2010

Japan trip 1

Last time I went trip to Japan story.

I take picture with somebody together if they agree.

And I can remember take picture Place, good or bad ,funny or scary memory.

Noodle sales person in Okinawa .(he gave me couple free sample)

T shirt sales person in Okinawa. (she looks my friend daughter then take it)

He is fish market owner but his wife control all over. (Aha ha ha )

He is worst friend same age , can you believe it?

He is fancy expensive restaurant waiter in Tokyo Hotel. I don’t pay anything. I like it.

He strange American eating ,drinking together in Izakaya .(so nice ,funny guy)

And nice funny guy’s girl friend. (she is cute )

This is Tokyo Tocho (Tokyo district government office) and Yoko.

I don’t know but she is Chinese in the ferry boat in Sumidagawa river.

They are Yoko’s friends in Tokyo apartment.

You can understand hair before, still going, after.

01 February 2010

Show Time Now

Yesterday I went Miss & Mrs. Asian show (not competition because no winner and no gift ) Vietnam community in Westminster. Vietnamese, Chinese ,Mongolian, Sri Lankan, Indian, Taiwanese, Philippine , Kyrhgyz , Korea , Japan , Thai , Singaporean , etc.

Mongolian lady is looks welter weight champion coming wrestling gym.

I don’t know other one because so many beautiful lady.

But I think number one is this lady. (Miss or Mrs.?)

I don’t understand one thing who know Miss. or Mrs. Maybe family only know that.

I'm looking like this face.