04 February 2010

Japan trip 1

Last time I went trip to Japan story.

I take picture with somebody together if they agree.

And I can remember take picture Place, good or bad ,funny or scary memory.

Noodle sales person in Okinawa .(he gave me couple free sample)

T shirt sales person in Okinawa. (she looks my friend daughter then take it)

He is fish market owner but his wife control all over. (Aha ha ha )

He is worst friend same age , can you believe it?

He is fancy expensive restaurant waiter in Tokyo Hotel. I don’t pay anything. I like it.

He strange American eating ,drinking together in Izakaya .(so nice ,funny guy)

And nice funny guy’s girl friend. (she is cute )

This is Tokyo Tocho (Tokyo district government office) and Yoko.

I don’t know but she is Chinese in the ferry boat in Sumidagawa river.

They are Yoko’s friends in Tokyo apartment.

You can understand hair before, still going, after.

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