28 November 2008

Thanksgiving Day

Yesterday was enjoyable Thanksgiving Day. It's special cooking delicious turkey.
I like deep fry is number one.

And i asked to ryoko, waht for this dish? She said this is for dog.

It's same food for people.

May be this dog

next year like this style!?

26 November 2008

everybody love somebody sometime

Yesterday i went to the gym.

Everbody want before

or after.

Lot's of tatoo people in the gym. One guy put one the name calf. First time see this tatoo I think he is Alzheimer's disease.
Anyway this tatoo very nice in Belgium.

Today news i like best one is 55 years old lady in China. She is plastic surgery doctor and she had plastic surgery also.
But she forgot how many times own surgery.(50~60 times?) I can't believe it. She is so rich, oh no do it yourself! ?
I want see original one.

Maybe my eyes like this.

22 November 2008

walking to the beach

Yesterday we went walking to beach started 7:15. About 2 hours. Include take picture and look around view.
It's so many birds. Pelican,one kind shag,one kind heron, looks great taste.(? ? ?)
Thanksgiving Day Coming soon.

American freedom person residence.

Little bit fat Rocky.

This is real car emblem.

Finally i went bathroom and i remember 28 years go. I saw the first time nothing door poop room!. I can't believe. Not so comfortable.
Well somebody sitting inside " How are you?" Not so good. Why? Because I'm not so good condition.

16 November 2008

don't say lie

Do you know I'm real vegetarian.

I like proper thing.

I'm O.K.

I'm little heavy.

I'm O.K.

In Russia strange thing. Looks movie right?

Russian key shop( ?)

Russian Bottle toilet . I want see from inside.

12 November 2008

Walking part 2

I like free.

Other interesting ? (sorry!) occurrence walking around my house.
It's so sad.

Almost same ass size.

I heard before big guy like small dog and small people like big animal.

If you have time more interesting story coming around your house.

10 November 2008

Aochan looks good right?

Like a shady yakuza.

Very handsome.

09 November 2008

Today walking around my house.
It's strange tree for bad eyes. Looks one kind tree?.

I found lot of free ( ! ? ? )fruits our area.




grape fruit

And much much more
This is incredible scene in N. Korea.
This fruits is a great blessing to us.
But this tree unbelievable . It's BANANA.

This is not Hawaii. This is California.
Oh my god ,not your god, Thank you god.