30 September 2009

before and after

Couple days before funny news.

Roman Polansky case , he did sexual abuse 30 years go.

Victim woman already got consolation money and withdraw the charge against this guy.

30 years ! 30 years ! It’s long long time ago, brain ,face, figure so much change

everybody right?

I think so busy crime court right now and Budget crisis in California .

I think better forget this kind trouble good for the only movie.


26 September 2009

New star nativity

Yesterday big news is BIG MAC baby world record.

This baby 8.7kg (over 19Lb),can you believe it .

Another new star his name is leading Libya Mr.Khadafy.

Usually speech in United Nations 10 ~15 minute ,but he speak 1 hour.

And translator gave up 75 minute . I understand it’s too long.

I think he is become Hollywood new star. (Looks too good)

Today hero’s this two people .

19 September 2009


Today I’m so happy.

I went some super market and I bought one dozen beer .

One woman cashier said “ Let me see your I.D. “ ? ? ?


I said “Me?” then I show the D.L. I think she is bad bad eyes.

My wife said may be change Law, everybody check I.D. because so many strange people live in California. And I said to young cute cashier “ I like you”.

HURRAY ! ! !

17 September 2009

I like free stuff and American joke

Hello friend.

Still very hot in Los Angeles area. Coming soon human jerky. Very hot shit.

Today I’m going to walking around my house.

I like American joke.

Maybe this house people satisfaction for the diet.

I saw the yesterday channel 4 T.V. show for the serious diet .

Mostly guest cry for the themselves.

And another funny news is in the baseball stadium.

Father direct receive got foul ball and gave to his daughter .

Daughter throw away ball first floor in stadium .

He can not hit girl ,she is real daughter.

Father so sad face. (Sorry ! I can not find that’s video.)