29 October 2008

in the world very interesting

It's so sexy? news. In lingerie company one asian country .
They were doing demonstrate in town.
They want increase salary and throw awy Bra and underwear.

This guy too much thinking himself.

And last 2 picture what's going on thinking yourself.

This not helloween (?)
His tiger face little bit funny . Too gain weight.

Thank you very much.

27 October 2008

Cheer up nice woman

Cheer up!!! Sarah Palin we are support everybody. Which one real one? You can check your good eyes.

I like this shoe for athlete's foot summer time in N.Y. and Peking.

In Germany beautiful woman? or man ? Anyway lot of confuse parson live in the world.

I like this domino in the London.AT & T looks so happy.

It's nice frying better than Super Man.

25 October 2008

you can do it i can help you

Big news i found today.
Nice performance before rugby game. It's free show time.

This guy 80 years old ,can you believe or not.

This guy ate 9kg (18Lb) hamburger.

This lady rat meat cooking set up for human. Which one do you like?

They are nice suit, but they are not chorus group.

It's Thailand government member.

23 October 2008

Today funny news is from China again.
In China most popular hobby right now is plastic surgery for dog. Can you believe?

Next is maggot in the orange. Government food officer said it's O.K. no fear. They don't try orange temporarily.

Next good news,arrange marriage one thousand people met same time(in one hour) and man standing and woman pic and decide. Cheer up !! Infirm men.

Last one from Phillipine now is too many nursing person export to many country, that's problem in Phillipine. Front side dolly is a president Phillipine she is good looking and forward this policy.

20 October 2008

Losing your house

What is that?

This house owner's hobby is collection anything.( ? ) And this time execution thease so nice good stuff.

This district government wanted strong power like this monster.

Because coming this kind publicity often.I think so you too right?

If we can't keeping power coming soon this kind performance show in Las Vegas.

18 October 2008

viva lose 5 pounds

Today i found elvis presley and michael jackson. They are so nice quiet man.

This fish live in deep sea ,about 22965 feet (7000m). All fish can not see sun that's way no need bleach face and body.

I saw this sign "Lose 5 pounds in 5 Days. I think no guarantee.
But i know one way guarantee . Do you understand?

It's very simple way. No eat 5 days anything right ?

16 October 2008

Today I'm walking alound my house, i got very funny picture.

They are almost same hip size.

They are evrytime answer to me.

I think this dog already to hot dog.

This is certainly cats eye.

This picture last weekend some school not N.korea.

I'm really do worry.

13 October 2008

Day before yesterday fuuny news.One fellow swimming fosse in Imperial Palace.
Woman nude sometime make a money but man no make money and sometime arrest.
Even so this guy evrybody dosen't want see .Looks terrible too much eating Rambo. Anyway he is swedish.

This is not child abuse.

They are not couple .Next in China picture she is 114 years old and her son 85 years old. They are so healthy.

This is motocross cycling in North Korea. Looks so hard.

10 October 2008

It's my name T-shirt. I got from son in low. Thank you very much! 
I got my name T-shirt first time, i don't need business card anymore.

Yesterday nice news .In the Phillippine beatiful woman? or man ?competition.

Oh my god!

In the China cartoon another unique competition. They are not fat.

What is that?

it's a condom vending machine elementary school in China.
China is very progressive people right now. VIVA China after Olympic also.