07 August 2010

Hot dog?

How are you?

We are two Hot dog sitter right now.

They are bilingual right now, I said caution loud voice stop immediately.

I think much better than human.

And walking twice a day about 40 minute .

I can’t read and understand English now.

Last month big anniversary our family is 30 years live in U.S.A..

And I’m almost forgot it it’s mean time flies.

Well , we are looks so young 30 years ago.I can’t believe it too many hair is obstacle long time ago.

Still not good English but still alive now, because I can buy big mac.


Colleen said...

You and Osako speak very good English, don't short sale yourself!

I love these pictures- they are great but I love the way you & Osako look now!

You go, Hiroshi!

Colleen said...

I love the pictures and don't change anything - I absolutely love the way you and Osako look now!!!!!

You & Osako speak very good English so don't be so hard on yourself!

Love the two of your!