15 January 2009

good teeth

Yesterday I went check up to Dentist. Take a time about one hour and Dentist said your tooth not so clean.
Clean up after I'm asking to Dentist, Who is take care your tooth? Your wife? He said my Dentist friend. O.K. It's free? friend discount?
He said paid full amount.
O.K. I said one more question, Yes. Can you show me your tooth? He said my tooth not so good, I can't show to you. O.K. I said see you next 6 month.
I said my wife this story. She is convulsed with laughter.


Yokes said...

i am convulsed with laughter also! very funny!!

Riyoko said...

this is a VERY GOOD entry.
i like it when you tell us stuff you're doing.