21 June 2011

Health is number one

Hi everyone

I’m still alive right now!

I’m getting old already, I’m living in California same city 31 years.

I have lot of hair 30 years ago, I used comb every time going to outside.

Nobody believe it, but it’s true. I use by right hand one finger now.

Last time I invited from Mr.Martinez’s 75 years birthday party.

Keep going good health life!

I saw his young age picture, he has lot of hairs also.

It’s not important hairs, still alive and eating good food is important thing .

But too much eating and tequila is not good.

So so is best!

I don’t understand thing at gym, everybody coming for the health and increase energy .

But everybody parking car across the entrance ? But me too !!!!

I don’t drink 5 hours energy drink! (I have to wake up more than 5 hours.)

I wonder good sale this drink , too short 5 hours.

One more strange gym story story today, man wear hat in the steam bath and dry sauna.

Maybe they are coming retail hat shop I think.

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