26 January 2011

#2 -- 2011

Hi Everyone , Too cold everywhere right?

He is save life Sachan (my wife) this time surgery.

I think he is important more than Mr. President or Mr. pope .

Anyway thank you very much everyone.

And, she is started rehabilitation about two month after surgery.

Nice recovery now , best way is walking around our house.

She used Michael Jackson's shoe:

About one hour walking I found free stuff , it’s a pine cone.

Carry pine cone is making good muscle and exercised .

And Winter time is good present from the Nature World.

But not only good thing, it’s a bad season.

I saw new sign walking time:

I want say to coyote, We are not good taste, not enough dinner.

Because we are asian , not Anglo-Saxon.

If you want i introduce good taste one or tough, and tender.

Please call me free day time .

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