31 July 2009

I’m very enjoy going to gym today.

It’s summer time coming right now.

Still coming for the looks winter time body guy. (all over hair ,100% wool)

Like a Alaskan in winter vacation.

Looks so hot, I’m so hot just looking just see.

Not so many hair style guy lot of take a time used comb.

One guy too long steam or sauna bath and he go down slowly in the shower room then three guy in the shower room, I said “Are you O.K.” American said “You have to use cold water.” Latino guy “Don’t say anything” Everybody don’t approach.

Discretion is the better part of valor.

He is young guy over 6” tall and over 190Lb. 3 Audience about 5”3’ and 135Lb.

I show you check for yourself body age.

Standing one side foot and you hold other foot washing by between finger ten time.

You have to Left and Right both, you can check it.

If you can pull up one foot tummy painful, but pull down foot don’t reach hand.

Don’t try at home. (slippery bathroom)

I recommend beginner is lie down on the bed .

Everybody getting old but you can getting on.

Have a good time.

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