21 July 2009

bigger is good

Hello friend

July.4th is started barbeque season now.

Everybody like any meat i think.

Do you know cheap meat in U.S.A. ? It's a Jenny Craig!!

Can you believe it 20Lb is only $20.00,only $20.00! ! !

It’s big deal for you.

Anything bigger stuff is good without debt.

Anyway we are so happy.

I saw Schwarzenegger today T.V. news.

He said “Stand California “ but I think all the time he is looks still actor.

L.A. tax spend money for the arrangement Michal Jackson funeral .

Ridiculous, Foolish, Stupid story, why not corrected money from the ardent fun.

I don’t understand, because I think tax is not personal money.

I don’t know when next his movie presentation.

This guy is president some Africa country .

They are first ladys, but I forgot who is 2nd,3rd one.

Anyway he is so happy right now, but I think coming soon tragedy.

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