13 May 2009

movie review & license renewal

I saw the movie title is " LAKEVIEW TERRACE". SO SO It's O.K.
The first half is terrible boring, and so slow story.
Only coming last parts is very interesting.
Looks this kind trouble next house coming sometimes.

Today i went to the DMV for the renewal driving license. I want appointment but every time said "please call back another time" nice voice answering machine. Then I'm going today. Not so many people make line for the customer today 3:30 Wednesday daytime. I'm so lucky. Take picture the nice face and put on fingerprint thumb.

They got big money $28.00! But I can't use restroom. It's strange, crooks. LAVASE LAS MANOS! I know you watch me!

Anyway I got new license coming couple week maybe. TOAST!!

(Hiroshi would like it known that he was able to make an appointment on May 13th, 2009 between 12:15 and 4:45 which he thinks is ridiculous)

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