05 May 2009

Korea Trip 2

Big (PIG) trouble now. Couple years ago spread bird influenza and now is swine.
But it's not pig. Some country kill the good taste pig,
it's so sad. It's inconvenient for the pig. Leave me alone.

This is a pig feet meat, good taste. (in Korea)

Well now Korea trip part 2. i'm surprise again at subway in Busan.

We got subway couple station and suddenly music in the train.
Then i saw the one guy play the CD. American pops 60's.
And he speak Korean sale the CD. Couple lady bought CD.
About 6 ~ 7 minute after he going out train.
He (or they) has guts.

Next interesting story they like red color. maybe coming they like red pepper.

But i like side mirror for the bus. looks like antenna for the insect!

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