10 August 2011

Nice food and nice movie!

VIP stay my house 10 day last week.

They are want walking every morning and every evening.

And eating healthy tasty food.

One day there food shortage , we are going to petco (pet shop).

I’m so surprised dry food is too many kind .

Selection is more than human food ,for diet ,big ,puppy etc.

Menu is more variety than Macdonald's.

I found it, can food is looks like spam (Hawaiian food?)

Anyway I think they are eating better than human food.

So tired after watch movie “Tourist” it’s a good movie,

Because no need travel fee, I’m enjoy very much.

I’m watch couple time is save over $3000.00 trip to venice.

Looks same Las Vegas.

Thank you very much Susan !

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krazy with a keh said...

you are very welcome, my japanese father.

your favorite korean