09 August 2008

Thoughts on the American Health Insurance System

I'm start reason for exercise is too expensive medical service.
  It have too many ranking .
Best,better,good.it's o.k.What do you want?
I heard 25 years go one guy have accident and umbulance coming then  
driver ask "How do you pay expense?
"Do you have insurance? NO. "Do you have credit card? NO. He said  
O.K. See you next time.And he was go back soon. SHIT!
That's why I'm starting execise.If i spend money to doctor i use  
beer fee amount.
More feeling better. Right?
My friend said if you have children 3 is best one is docter,one is  
accountant, one is lawyer.
Than your life is perfection.
But sometime now 3 kind person going to jail.
This is life.
VIVA america.

1 comment:

The Asylum said...

Very very good!! maybe you are sad that you only have 2 kids and neither one is a doctor, lawyer, or accountant. But movie producer and english teacher is not so bad right? ha ha!