10 June 2008

a few from the archives: many thanks plus some deep thoughts and advice

Thank you very much.
We got today electric cooktop and installation too.
It's very first warm up new is best anything.
And next time i want you cook chili bean.
Thank you again.

Thank you planet earth video and nice shape candy.

Thank you take care Ba-chan.
Sachan also happy happy joy joy.

Today we got 1 Package from you.
Thank you remember our wedding anniversary.
Still going still going.

We are just coming back now.
Happy birthday for me. Thank you very much everybody.

I got many fresh fish from Mayo yesterday.
It's so good we enjoy very much.
Just only story for you.

Thank you lot of NOVA tissue.
I am very helpful of nasal mucus.
I want to next recording request tape Planet Earth repeat program.

Thank you nice SAKE.
Taste so good.
We were drink only 2 day.
How was KAFUN SHO?
Please take care yourself.

Hi Yoko
How was snow festival in Sapporo.
Sachan worry about you.
Kyoto wedding was OTSUKARE SAN.

That's good.
We were very warry about you .
But i pray about our family evrynight to konko-san.
Please protect our family.
Big problem to small problem, small problem to nothing
please protect our ancestor and konko-sama.
Are you understand this english?
Love Yo--Jin
From dad

Hi Yoko
From yesterday N. Carolina was strong typhoon.
Did you contact friend .
Looks terrible.
And also typhoon come to cabo san rucas .
It's two typhoon coming same time.
It's Incredible occurrence right?
Please take care yorself.
Love Yoko

How are you?
We worry about your boil.
Sachan said don't worry that symptom.
We are relief about you.
Please take care yourself. Take it easy. Take it easy. You said
Don't push yourself. O.K.
This picture is Tanngo Kyoto pref. certain mountain tree .
Looks dog or cat head right?
Enjoy yourself. See you soon.

Hi Yoko
Today and tonight also very hot and humidity.
Looks same Japan. So bad this year.
Today TV news said 54 people die this temperature in California.
Everyone healthy and safety is best for life. Good for eating and
sleeping .
You have to drink vinegar and water is best for after summer.

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